We love cricket!

Mini Land is a place where cute finger-sized animal friends
who love cricket games live happily together.

Mini Land is a peaceful and beautiful village where no humans live.
Toy store shelves, an ice cream refrigerator,
a fountain and an abandoned doll house are their fun-filled playgrounds.
Ice cream sticks that people throw away, bottle caps,
broken antenna and kettle can be cool game tools.

In this magical place, where you can go beyond imagination,
while friends play together, they find the answers to their questions
and learn about nature and the ways of the world.

Every day with friends is a learning adventure filled with riddles.
What kind of adventure and fun awaits today? 


An exciting and fantastic fairy tale odyssey with princess Joody.

New interactive animation series ‘Joodyssey’ 

Princess Joody, who loves fairy tales, 
Prince Rody, who came to marry the princess, his servant Moongchi, 
they're going to go into a world-famous fairy tale. 

Each time, they make a variety of choices with you. 
You’ll Make a key decision to help Joody and enjoy a wonderful fairy tale journey. 
Joody and Rody, Moongchi will grow up by learning lessons, wisdom of life and culture, history of various countries through this adventure.


Fun and Exciting Kindergarten Story

A naughty Rose ping, a curious brother Paul, a good chef daddy, and a flower-loving mommy.
live in a pretty forest village. Rose ping and Paul are happy every day in a loving house.
And Rose ping and friends go to small kindergarten in the village.

There are small a classroom, a large playground, and a pretty pond in the forest kindergarten!
Rose ping talks and fools around with her classmates every day. Sometimes they get in trouble,
but their relationship is always good! The place where Rose ping is always full of exciting things!
Let”s go into the funny story of Rose ping!


Leave your worries to us, you play!

Tomarmon is a monster character, that feeds on worries.
Monster friends live around us who eat all the worries people may have.
They are silly and playful,

but they are always warm-hearted and eat away our troubles.
Let's stay happy with our Tomarmon friends today.


Cat friends full of love

Lovecat is a Persian Cat ‘Lila’ and Russian Blue Cat ‘Taya’ character that conveys love.

The two best friends ' cats are lovely characters who always carry a heart mark and tell people the story of their love and their happy feelings.


A slow turtle, Toddle

Toddle is a cute turtle friend.

He is a kind and funny friend who is somewhat strange and slow.

Look forward to an interesting episode with snail friend standing by.

amai butter

Sweet butter story

‘amai butter’ is a story of butter and dairy cream characters. Yellow butter and white dairy cream friends like to make sweet things and tell people sweet stories.

Fortunebread Chatbot AMIPAIN

The world's first chatbot character

AMIPAIN is a character of animal friends who love bread at a small boulangerie shop.

‘Fortune Bread Chatbot AMIPAIN’ is serving as a Facebook Messenger Chatbot.(English, Japanese, Korean).

‘Fortune Bread Chatbot AMIPAIN’ is an entertainment chatbot that recommends bread to people and brings them good fortune messages.

Have fun with the world's first chatbot character AMIPAIN.

Cookie Pang

A delicious story, Cookie Pang

Cookie pang is a character that tells a delicious story about a pleasant cookie friend.

Let's look forward to seeing some good episodes today.


Story of sweet candies

Candy dolls is a fruit candy character.

Several sweet fruit candies live in the candy vending machine and there are many interesting episodes every day. Sweet and bittersweet with candy dolls's story.


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