New! 26episodes11'30"

Title  CricketPang (Season1)

Duration  26 x 11'30"

Target Audience  Pre-school

Format  Full-HD, 2D

'CricketPang' is a comical animation with stories that aim to help children develop creativity, sociability, and communication skills.


Production Year  2019-2020
Available for broadcast strating January 2021

Languages Available
English, Hindi, Tamil, Spanish, Arabic, Korean,Chinese (Putonghua,Taiwanese Mandarin)

'CricketPang' is a comical animation with five animal characters.
Season1 consists of 26 episodes, each being 11'30" long.
Each episode contains stories of friendship, conflict resolutions, cooperation, and creativity in ways that children can understand and learn.
These fun and light-hearted stories will also aid children in problem-solving, cooperation, and communication skills.
The episodes will contain the characters doing an activity related to cricket before the main story unfolds.
The story contains content that all children from any part of the world will relate to and find interesting.


Production Team




Everyday is special with Rose Kinder friends!

Rose Ping is a lovable troublemaker.
She lives in a forest village with Mama, Papa, and Bini.
It’s always a fun time with friends at Rose Kinder Kindergarten.
Poco the big talker, Albert the great detective, Blue Jay the worrier, and Sleepy who’s always sleepy!
I wonder what will happen at Rose Kinder Kindergarten today!



Cat friends full of love

Lovecat is a Persian Cat ‘Lila’ and Russian Blue Cat ‘Taya’ character that conveys love.

The two best friends ' cats are lovely characters who always carry a heart mark and tell people the story of their love and their happy feelings.


A slow turtle, Toddle

Toddle is a cute turtle friend.

He is a kind and funny friend who is somewhat strange and slow.

Look forward to an interesting episode with snail friend standing by.

amai butter

Sweet butter story

‘amai butter’ is a story of butter and dairy cream characters. Yellow butter and white dairy cream friends like to make sweet things and tell people sweet stories.

Fortunebread Chatbot AMIPAIN

The world's first chatbot character

AMIPAIN is a character of animal friends who love bread at a small boulangerie shop.

‘Fortune Bread Chatbot AMIPAIN’ is serving as a Facebook Messenger Chatbot.(English, Japanese, Korean).

‘Fortune Bread Chatbot AMIPAIN’ is an entertainment chatbot that recommends bread to people and brings them good fortune messages.

Have fun with the world's first chatbot character AMIPAIN.

Cookie Pang

A delicious story, Cookie Pang

Cookie pang is a character that tells a delicious story about a pleasant cookie friend.

Let's look forward to seeing some good episodes today.


Story of sweet candies

Candy dolls is a fruit candy character.

Several sweet fruit candies live in the candy vending machine and there are many interesting episodes every day. Sweet and bittersweet with candy dolls's story.


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